2017 – Pool Tag Registration

Kirkwood Country Pool Tag Registration is held at MASC Austin Properties, Inc.

2017 – Yard of the Month

Selections for Yard of the Month will be made during June and July. Each month there are two winners and each one will receive a $50 gift card to Home Depot.

With the frequent rains we have had, as well as moderate temperatures, we should have a bumper growing season. We look forward to enjoying all your efforts to make Kirkwood Country look beautiful and make it really hard on the judges to make their selections.

Good luck to all you gardeners out there!

Your efforts are appreciated!

Park/Tennis Area Undergoing Renovations

Work has begun to renovate the Kirkwood Country park and tennis area.

ACC Guidelines and Deed Restrictions

Please keep in mind any improvements or revisions to the exterior of your home must be approved prior to any work being performed. You may call MASC Austin Properties, Inc., 713-776-1771, for an ACC form or with any questions regarding your renovations.